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Private Manor House, Cotswolds



'The Great House' Hotel, Suffolk



Legal Firm, London



Queensberry Hotel, Bath



Olive Tree Restaurant, Bath



Private Commission, Bath



'The Great House' Hotel, Suffolk



Private Commision, London



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Queensberry Hotel, Bath

Cornish landscape commissioned by The Great House Hotel, Suffolk
'up early, gwithian' mixed media on paper

'penwith granite 1' oil on canvas

'windy headland' oil on canvas 100cm x 61cm

La Maison Bleue, Bury St Edmunds

'cadgwith' oil on canvas 61cm x 61cm Private commission, London

'gorse and granite, zennor.' oil on canvas Olive Tree Restaurant, Bath

Georgian Manor House, Cotswolds Great House Hotel, Suffolk

Bedell Trust Law Group. Head Office, London

'west penwith gorse' oil on canvas 61cm x 61cm 'portreath' oil on canvas 61cm x 61cm

'algae on lobster pot, helford' oil 46cm x 46cm 'red lichen, west penwith' oil 86cm x 86cm
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