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24.2.2016 Windy day - St Mawes from Little Dennis

Battling the Cornish weather with a sketchbook is often a challenge on this exposed peninsula. In an attempt to capture the dynamic, expansive landscape, the oils were vigorously applied, to retain their richly textured, impasto brush marks.

10.1.2016 New Year - Bath Skyline

Used the opportunity whilst visiting family in Bath, to explore the Bath Skyline on New Year’s Day morning. Walking with a sketchbook & flask from Bathwick Hill to Smallcombe Farm and beyond. All part of an attempt to understand different approaches to observation; a chance to resolve and gather inspiration and material to work with over the winter months. As always, the sketches are inspired by the sense of ‘place’; the light, colours and textures, be it visual or metaphorical that will hopefully develop and evolve in the studio.

25.7.2015 Coastpath, Falmouth

Taking inspiration from symbiotic relationships in nature. Have recently noticed the wide variety of lichens on the coastpath when I am out running - as well as mosses and wall-dwelling plants that inhabit some surprising places. The delicate balance between these species and their environment produces a natural aesthetic which I strive to achieve in my own practice.

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